Based on our 30 years long experience in environmental biotechnology, we develop novel technologies and bioprocesses for advanced biological wastewater treatment.


Our approach is based on the existing WWTP upgrade by introducing pre-selected microbial cultures in suspended form, such as flocs or aerobic granules or immobilized on activated carbon or curtains.


As a result, a higher process efficiency, better energy balance and less investment and operational costs are achieved.



Technologies for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment
Detection of target pollutants using bacterial biosensors
Recovery of organic compounds from biomass
Reuse of active ingredients in industrial applications


Tailor-made biomass development

In order to improve the biological process, Puratis Sàrl provides the tailor-made microbial biomass, pre-selected to target the complex compounds present in the wastewater. These compounds serve as the main energy and/or carbon-nitrogen source for the growth and maintenance of the microorganisms, which provides the rapid increase in the process activity and the existing activated sludge adaptation.

Laboratory testing

Laboratory testing is carried out in order to determine basic wastewater chemical quality and biodegradability with selected microbial biomass and set up the basis for full scale wastewater treatment plant design or retrofit. Laboratory testing is organised into several stages as follows:

1. Treatability testing

2. Detailed laboratory testing

3. Adaptation

Pilot plants

The pilot plant testing is carried out after initial laboratory testing. The purpose is to evaluate the treatment process under field conditions before scaling up the technology to a full-scale plant. The volume of the pilot plants can range from 200 L to industrial scale volume. A pilot plant is usually installed near the real source of wastewater and simulates as closely as possible the activity of a full-scale plant. The results of the pilot plant testing are applied for a full-scale wastewater treatment plant design.



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